WorkLock: A Call to Action

WorkLock: A Call to Action

In the blockchain space we are constantly hearing the echoes of productivity and progress; incremental changes to the status quo that, at each step, remind us there exists a future molded by those who believe in an alternative one.

A future where privacy is held higher than a right, where censorship and authoritarianism is a relic of failed states. A future where the relationships between our neighbors are the most political and most sacred.

The cooperative ambition exhibited in each project launch (regardless of success) continues to inspire all of us to remember this alternative and make it a reality. Unfortunately, inspiration isn't enough; we must also work to seize this future. The movement towards complete decentralization is characterized and defined by each individual's unique will and ability to seize this radical new world; you must find out for yourself how far you can go.

We at NuCypher embrace this vision of a new world. We're dedicated to building tools to help construct this future today. NuCypher stands in contrast to the reign of FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). The internet at large is seemingly oppressed by "merchants of infrastructure" whose sole goal is domination and ownership. Within the hegemony of the prevailing merchants of infrastructure, it would be impossible to launch and build a decentralized network such as NuCypher.

It's no secret that we're underdogs in this fight for our individual and collective rights. However, today we'd like to think we made a difference and pushed the needle a tad more in our favor. Only because the decentralized movement has resisted this notion of electronic imperialism are we able to even consider this alternative.

It's time we turn over our multi-year long efforts and reach out to the community.

Today we are announcing the launch of our WorkLock contract to bootstrap our decentralized threshold cryptography network.

NuCypher's threshold cryptography network is a small step into a radical world; a tool leveraging novel cryptography primitives, like Proxy Re-Encryption, to construct something never before seen.

By temporarily staking ETH in our WorkLock contract, you will be given an option to stake NU tokens to run a NuCypher threshold cryptography node and embrace, with us, this vision of a radical world.

As a NU staker, you will earn inflation rewards and ETH fees paid by users of the network.

We invite you to read the WorkLock details and help us take on the merchants of infrastructure and fight their tyranny of electronic imperialism.