Welcoming Ravital Solomon

I'm very pleased to welcome Ravital Solomon to the NuCypher team!

Ravital is a cryptographer and holds an MSc in Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science from Oxford University, where she completed her thesis constructing the first lattice-based anonymous reputation system. She also holds a BA in Mathematics from Berkeley.

In addition to her academic background in mathematics and cryptography, Ravital also has entrepreneurial experience, having graduated from the 11th London cohort of Entrepreneur First (Cryptography & Privacy track).

At NuCypher, Ravital has been contributing to our research into zero-knowledge proofs, fully homomorphic encryption, and privacy-preserving smart contracts. Her work has already started to inform our future roadmap and implementation efforts, and we couldn't be more excited about her continued contributions.

Please join us in welcoming Ravital to NuCypher!