NuCypher WorkLock Update

NuCypher WorkLock Update

Thank you for participating in the NuCypher WorkLock!

In total, 353,913 ETH (>$125M USD equivalent) was locked in the WorkLock smart contract by 2,011 nodes. CoinList escrowed 147,465 ETH on behalf of 3,685 participants and will be running 8 nodes on the network.

This result is a strong statement of support and demonstrates the community's desire to stake NU and run nodes. Thanks to you, NuCypher will be one of the largest and most decentralized networks as measured by the number of nodes upon mainnet launch.

What's next?

The target for mainnet launch is October 15. Over the next two weeks, stakers and node operators will be finalizing their preparations.

Once the contracts are activated on October 15, you'll be able to claim your WorkLock NU and bond it to a worker node (if you used CoinList, this will be done automatically on your behalf).

Join the community

We'd also like to invite you to join our community channels and engage with us, the network, and other Stakers.

If you are a developer with an idea for a Dapp or use case you'd like to build on the network, we'd especially love to hear from you (our Discord is the best place for technical discussion).

Welcome to the NuCypher Network community!