We’re happy to announce the development roadmap for the NuCypher KMS platform. This is a living, evolving document — milestones won’t necessarily be considered “done” as soon as they are reached. We value flexibility and upgradeability in the early days of the protocol.

Milestones are linked to different Wiki pages on our Github. We welcome anyone interested in participating in the development to interact with us there and on our Slack. As the dependencies and requirements for different milestones and aspects of the protocol become clearer, we will formalize each of them into more detailed blog posts.


  • Define and implement Developer APIs;
  • Implement all the necessary cryptography (split-key re-encryption);
  • Run decentralized (test) key management network without blockchain component;
  • Introduce KMS token facilitating decentralization on Ethereum testnet;
  • Launch live decentralized network on Ethereum mainnet;
  • Implement protocol for enforcing correctness of re-encryption;
  • Implement protocol to facilitate fair payment for re-encryption, using micropayments;
  • Implement protocol to disincentivise leaking partial re-encryption key data;
  • Anonymize the network.