NuCypher KMS 白皮书 中文

NuCypher’s White Paper is now available in Mandarin

NuCypher’s White Paper is now available in Mandarin

We’re thrilled to publish our first translation of the NuCypher KMS: Decentralised key management system white paper. Increasing the geographic distribution of our proxies (nodes) benefits all NuCypher users, from a redundancy and security perspective. Providing our primary technical paper in multiple languages is one way to encourage a more diverse group of participants to join our network — expect to see more translations over the coming months, and feel free to comment with a language you would like to see.

You can get the pdf from our GitHub. If you’re on the fence about downloading it, and, importantly, speak Mandarin — do read the translated 
abstract below as a sample:

NuCypher KMS 白皮书 中文

(Dated: 一月四号, 2018)

NuCypher KMS 是一个分布式密钥管理系统 (KMS),它解决了使用共识网络安全存储,操作私有 加密数据的痛点 [1]。它利用代理重加密技术,使用分布式网络,提供基于加密和密码学的权限控制 [2]。不像中心化的 KMS 提供的服务,它不需要信任服务提供商。NuCypher KMS 使共享敏感数据给 去中心化和中性化的应用程序成为可能,为从医疗到 ID 管理到分布式内容市场的众多应用程序提供 安全架构。NuCypher KMS 会成为分布式应用程序必要的一部分,就像 SSL/TLS 是每个安全的网络 应用程序必要的一部分一样。