First a big thank you to the organizers, the volunteers, and all the attendees of Berlin Blockchain Week. NuCypher participated in several events including the main event ETH Berlin and we had a wonderful time interacting with the Berlin blockchain ecosystem.

Here is a recap of the past few weeks:

NuCypher Wins at ETH Berlin Hackathon!

Yes, you read that right.

Usually, we sponsor these events, however, we felt compelled to participate in the hackathon after a burst of fully homomorphic inspiration. Tux, Bogdan, Michael, and Derek did not disappoint!

Over the weekend, team NuCypher created Sputnik, the first-ever fully homomorphic smart contract and the winning submission of ETH Berlin.

For those interested, you can view the demo here.

You can also find the proof of concept code here.

It uses our nuFHE library, which is a GPU-accelerated implementation of the TFHE algorithm.

We will continue to stay focused on launching test net, however, this exploration will continue as we feel there are a variety of use cases for Sputnik and nuFHE.

For the official recap of ETH Berlin Hackathon, read here.

Day 1 of the hackathon and the team is taking the opportunity to work outside in the nice summer Berlin weather.
Day 2 of ETH Berlin and the team is pushing along late into the night…
Tux pushing the limits of sleeplessness.
Team NuCypher cranking on Sputnik.

Other events from Berlin Blockchain Week

Justin Myles using the force at ZK0X02 as he demos the federated testnet.
Tux and Michael demoing Sputnik at Decentralized Stack Meetup.
MacLane and Michael presenting NuCypher staking economics at the Semantic Builders Breakfast

ETH SF Hackathon Spotlight

A list of the sponsors for ETH SF Hackathon, Oct 5–7

The largest Ethereum hackathon in the world is happening at ETHSanFrancisco. If you want to help #buidl the decentralized future, this beginner-friendly event is free for developers and will serve as an avenue to experiment with decentralized apps, learn Solidity, and hear about the latest research and development happening in the world of crypto. Judges & speakers include Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), Fred Ehrsam (Founder of Coinbase), and Linda Xie (Investor at Scalar Capital). Check out the event here:

Why society needs privacy-preserving crypto networks

A thoughtful piece by our business development intern Justin Blumenthal (Harvard Business School ’19) about why privacy is important. He presents a historical survey of privacy and how it operates throughout history as a function of status, wealth, education, and convenience. Read here.

Upcoming Events

Hyperledger Member Summit October 1–2, Montreal, Canada

CANS 2018 September 30 — October 3, Naples, Italy

ETH SF October 5–7, San Francisco, California, USA

Web3 Summit October 22–24, Berlin, Germany

DevCon4 October 30 — November 2, Prague, Czech Republic