Hello, NuCypher community! The pace of our next few community updates is going to be higher than usual. Development is picking up and we’ll be hitting lots of milestones in the coming weeks, along with several exciting announcements. We’re also gearing up for a big developer roadshow, kicking off with Berlin for Blockchain Week in early September. We hope to meet many of you along the way!

Berlin Blockchain Week

Top News

NuCyper’s Mission & Values
As both NuCypher’s core team and community have grown, we’ve found that our mission and values have become increasingly important…

Staking Economics
We’re very pleased to share our initial proposal for the NuCypher network’s staking economics along with a call for community feedback…

Introducing goUmbral
After pyUmbral’s great reception, we garnered a lot of inbound interest in Go (and other) implementations of Umbral…

Developer Updates

What we’ve accomplished.

  • Released goUmbral
  • Improved goUmbral’s OpenSSL error API
  • Completed Cryptography Arithmetic Layer
  • Removed cryptography.io wheels now that the newest version has been released
  • Improved the pyUmbral Curve API
  • Improved serialization interfaces in pyUmbral
  • Made security improvements to pyUmbral to detect invalid KFrags

What’s coming up next?

  • Lots of documentation and guides to improve the developer on-boarding experience
  • NuCypher CLI to setup and run node and demos
  • Staking prototype with CLI control

Upcoming Events

August 17–23
Santa Barbara, California, USA

September 5
Berlin, Germany

September 6
Berlin, Germany

ETH Security Unconference
September 6
Berlin, Germany

ETH Berlin
September 6–9
Berlin, Germany

Decentralized Stack Dev Meetup
September 10
Berlin, Germany

September 12–14
San Jose, California, USA

Global Blockchain Conference
September 25–27
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cryptonite World Tour
September 26–27
San Francisco, California, USA