Community Update #7

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 7 of our newsletter. As always we start with…

Community Update #7

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 7 of our newsletter. As always we start with our Developer Updates:

What we’ve accomplished:

  • In the midst of Security audits for pyUmbral — (NCC Group, Trail of Bits).
  • Security audit prep for our codebases as well as fixing minor code quality issues.
  • Improved signatures for our proxy re-encryption scheme and enforcing correctness checks in the protocol.
  • Security and functionality improvements to OpenSSL’s ECC API.
  • Renamed the network repo from “nucypher-kms” to “nucypher”.
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements to our Solidity smart contracts.
  • Stepwise staking unlock, more info coming soon.
  • Added Geth as a possible backend for blockchain interaction.
  • Improvements to the NuCypher Signature API.
  • Implemented our BytestringSplitter serialization in pyUmbral.
  • NuCypher developer starter guide.
  • Removed Populus (due to lack of support) and built our own framework for testing and executing smart contracts.

What’s coming up next:

  • Continued security audits from leading security firms NCC Group, Trail of Bits, and Least Authority.
  • Solidity smart contract and network code audit from Least Authority and Trail of Bits.
  • Ursula KFrag verification when she accepts a Policy.
  • Re-encryption metadata format formalization.
  • TreasureMap code finalization.
  • Continued integration of blockchain components into the NuCypher network as we approach a testnet release.
  • pyUmbral security audit result.

Team NuCypher is growing

Bogdan Opanchuk, PhD

Bogdan Opanchuk joined NuCypher to research the acceleration of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) algorithms and their possible application to private smart contracts and other use cases. Bogdan holds a Masters in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Insitute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and a PhD in Physics from Swinburne University of Technology.

Arjun Hassard

Arjun Hassard joined NuCypher as our product and partnerships lead. Arjun was the Head of Product at Factmata and SyndicateRoom, holds a Master’s from Kyoto University, and a physics degree from Imperial College London.

Derek Pierre

Derek Pierre joined NuCypher to lead the business development team. Derek studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and is a former software engineer at Research in Motion (Blackberry) and Quest Software. He recently graduated from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

A big overall welcome to the new team and we intend to keep growing!

We’re looking for a scientist with expertise in fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) to assist with our research efforts on performance improvements and potential applications for smart contracts. Please feel free to share this link if you know of anyone that would find this type of work fulfilling:

NuCypher Joins MOBI

NuCypher is proud to support the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) as a founding member along with leading car makers BMW, GM, Ford, and Renault.

MOBI is an industry research consortium that will explore the potential of blockchain technology in the automotive and mobility space with the goal of making transportation safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible.

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Builders of the Decentralised Web — Episode 3 Featuring John Pacific

John Pacific

BuildersDW is all about the people behind the technology stack of the future.

For our third episode, we stick with the NuCypher team — this time going deep into the absorbing realm of cryptography and cryptographic engineering. Our guest is John Pacific, who at 21 years old is already making a name for himself in the information security and blockchain worlds. He spends his days at NuCypher implementing cryptographic schemes and worrying about security issues.

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NuCypher Interviews and Reviews

MacLane Wilkison talks with Zachary De Witt about how NuCypher is building scalable privacy for blockchains.

Listen Here on Spotify

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Smith + Crown: Cryptofinancial research, analysis and data for Bitcoin, blockchain technologies and digital currencies did a high-quality review of NuCypher.

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ChronoLogic Interview

John Pacific talks to Sean Morgan of ChronoLogic about how NuCypher functions as a privacy layer for Ethereum.

Watch Here

Zavodil Interview

Михаил Егоров (NuCypher) — регуляторы, будущее криптовалют

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NuCypher — Where we’ve been…

Silicon Valley Business Institute — San Francisco
EDCon — Toronto
WDAS Summit — Singapore
ECF Fund meetup — Toronto
ORANGE Swarm Summit — Slovenia
UnBlockingChain#2 — Malaga, Spain
Origo + NuCypher Meetup — New York
Blockchain Week — New York

NuCypher upcoming event spotlight

Attend hack.summit() for free

hack.summit() is a virtual conference where you can learn about blockchain concepts. You can attend from anywhere, and the event is happening July 9th — 11th. We are proud to announce that MacLane Wilkison, NuCypher CEO, will be presenting.
At hack.summit(), you will:

  • Learn from some of the world’s blockchain leaders including creators of Stellar, ZCash, Bancor, Basis, DFINITY, NuCypher, and many more.
  • Help coding non-profits, including several that help drive inclusivity and diversity in the coding space.
  • Hack over a weekend at a massive virtual blockchain hackathon. This is an opportunity for you to get hands-on experience with NuCypher.

At NuCypher, we’re proud to support coding non-profits. We’ve negotiated free passes for all members of our community to attend for free using promo code NUCYPHER.

Sign up here:

Upcoming Events:

Creative Destruction Labs — Toronto — June 7th

CPC Crypto Developers Conference — Mountain View — June 11+12

Deco hack — Online — June 15–30

SF Crypto Devs Presents NuCypher pt. 2 — SF — June 20th

BuildETH — San Francisco — June 28

BlockChain: Rethink Trust — Amsterdam — June 29th

Cryptonite World Tour — San Francisco — September 26+27th