Community Update #6

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 6 of our newsletter. As always we start with…

Community Update #6

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 6 of our newsletter. As always we start with our Developer Updates:

What we’ve accomplished:

  • We have started a new organization-wide project on Github to list all the remaining tasks to complete before we launch on Testnet:
  • Our huge pile of blockchain-facing code, which incubated in its own repo half a year, is now a part of the main NuCypher codebase. This means that our actors actually have wallet addresses and our protocol actually has a smart contract representation.
  • Make some arithmetic operations of pyUmbral constant time
  • Ethereum smart contract integrations to 
    Miner token staking contract
  • Improved Finnegan’s Wake KMS demo with updated code
  • “Disappearing Alice” — Alice doesn’t need to be Online for things to be re-encrypted for Bob. We have also provided an arbitrary DataSource interface to use after Alice’s memory fades into history.
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs for correctness are now included for every re-encryption
  • Support for per-label Umbral keys and Capsules in both pyUmbral and NuCypher KMS
  • Big clean-up of the pyUmbral codebase

What’s coming up next:

  • Security Audits from industry leaders (Trail of Bits, Least Authority, and NCC Group)
  • Further security improvements and updates from the security audits to pyUmbral
  • Further integrating Ethereum smart contracts
  • Testnet!! — we will communicate shortly on how we plan to involve the community in this

NuCypher is joined full-time by Dr. David Núñez

David Núñez, PhD

We’re delighted to announce that David Núñez, PhD, one of the most prolific proxy re-encryption researchers in the world and the author of papers such as NTRUReEncrypt, BlindIdM, and New Security Definitions is joining NuCypher full-time. David has long been a close collaborator, most recently playing a key role in designing Umbral, our underlying cryptosystem. Read the whole post here: Read Here

NuCypher enters the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

This month NuCypher has announced that we joined the Enterprise Ethetherum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative. As a member of the EEA, NuCypher will collaborate with industry leaders in pursuit of Ethereum-based enterprise technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures. Read the whole article here: Read Here

NuCypher + Origin

The sharing economy without intermediaries

Origin is a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain, IPFS, and now NuCypher for access to sensitive information. Read Here

NuCypher with Deco Network

Join the Distributed Open Source + Blockchain Development Contest

We are hosting a contest in partnership with Deco Network, with projects submission period opening on June 15th, 2018!

Examples projects include:

  • A GUI interface for the NuCypher network. Bonus points for included wallet or the ability to stake a proxy node from it.
  • An Umbral implementation in a different language other than Python and JavaScript.
  • Innovative and unique use cases of the NuCypher protocol.

Read Here

NuCypher Interviews and Reviews

NuCypher Code Review by Andre Cronje and Crypto Briefing

Andrew covers a detailed well written Code Review for NuCypher’s KMS. In summary, “Good code, well written (with other readers in mind).” Read Here

Daily Crypto Podcast

MacLane sits down with @JosemotaQ, host of Daily Crypto, a daily briefing podcast on cryptocurrency news and updates. Listen Here

ChronoLogic Interview

MacLane Wilkison talks to Sean Morgan of ChronoLogic about how NuCypher functions as a privacy layer for Ethereum and how the Ethereum Alarm Clock could potentially time encrypt data transfers. Watch Here

NuCypher Notable Mentions

Michiel Mulders with Hackernoon: 10 Of The Most Innovative Technologies
Read Here

Former Amazon Chief Scientist, Andreas Weigend, wrote a thoughtful piece referencing NuCypher: Facebook and More: How Blockchain Provides a New Way to Protect Data Privacy
Read Here

Assessing project potential based on social media performance by LOI. This comparative article has fascinating infographics attached
Read Here

NuCypher review by Midgard Research
Read Here

NuCypher upcoming events

World Digital Assets Summit— Singapore — May 1 -3

Global Disruption Innovation Summit — Silicon Valley — May 1

Ethereum Community Fund meetup— Toronto — May 2

Blockchain & Data Privacy pannel by — San Mateo, CA — May 3

EDCON— Toronto — May 3–5

SWARM Orange Summit— Slovenia — May 7–12

The Block Presents “The Internet of Trust and Money”— New York — May 16

PyCon— Ohio — May 9–17

SF Crypto Devs Presents NuCypher Part 2— June 27

Blockchain: Rethink Trust— Amsterdam — June 29