Community Update #5

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 5 of our newsletter. As always we start with…

Community Update #5

Continuing our commitment to keep our community up to date we are pleased to release Volume 5 of our newsletter. As always we start with our Developer Updates:

What we’ve accomplished:

  • The official release of pyUmbral! Threshold proxy re-encryption for scalable end-to-end encrypted data sharing For those who missed our launch post you can read it here
  • Licensed pyUmbral with the GPLv3 license. pyUmbral is officially free software!!!
  • Umbral security improvements with challenges
  • Improvements to random number generation
  • pyUmbral multi-curve support (for all prime order curves)
  • First steps to blockchain integration with policy and sample logic

What’s coming up next:

  • Integrating our Ethereum smart contracts with the KMS codebase
  • Configurator for KMS re-encryption nodes
  • Official KMS Documentation
  • Further security improvements to pyUmbral (key derivation per policy)
  • Policy creation with `n` arrangements (arrangements are the sharing of KFrags to `n` re-encryption nodes
  • Testnet!! — we will communicate shortly on how we plan to involve the community in this

NuCypher Homecoming: Portland

The NuCypher core team and their families have assembled for a work sprint in Portland, Oregon. The focus of the week will be integrating pyUmbral into Ethereum which will soon lead to testnet. Portland is known for its parks, bridges and bicycle paths, as well as for its eco-friendliness and its microbreweries and coffeehouses. A perfect place to host a company homecoming for NuCypher.

NuCypher and Blocked Communications

In case you are in a region at risk of censorship or blocked communication, we recommend testing ways to get around blocking before they happen.
Here are some recommendations for doing that. In addition, one can use Telegram over Tor with Orbot on Android phones.


Есть большая вероятность, что Telegram будет заблокирован в России. Мы рекомендуем всем жителям России протестировать способы обхода блокировок до того, как они произошли.
Вот некоторые рекомендации для этого:
Добавим к вышеперечисленному что также возможно запускать Telegram через Tor на телефонах Android используя приложение Orbot

NuCypher Event Rundown

MIT Bitcoin Expo

NuCypher was proud to support the MIT Bitcoin Club in their annual event and hackathon. A special shout-out goes to @osagga and zequiel for taking home the NuCypher $5,000 award with their proxyChat dApp and use of pyUmbral.

ZKsummit — Berlin

Our team recently presented at the invite-only Zero Knowledge Summit. The event was hosted by the Zero Knowledge Podcast and supported by Parity Technologies and 1kx (NuCypher presale supporter). In the day-long event, there were talks and discussion on Zero-Knowledge proofs, zk-snarks, libsnarks and, of course, proxy re-encryption.

Global Blockchain Investment Summit

MacLane Wilkison participated in a panel discussion during the 2018 Global Blockchain Investment Summit, hosted jointly by HYSTA and GBIB (Global Blockchain Investment Bank).


NuCypher supported ETH University of Toronto’s Blockchain event from March 23rd to 25th. The events focused on bringing enthusiasts and students together to build and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem.

NuCypher Notable Mentions

NuCypher’s own Arjun Hassard published a piece in Hacknoon this week, “The world doesn’t need a new Facebook, it needs a new internet”
Read Here

@Ben_Longstaff from CoinRemix published a great NuCypher KMS walkthrough with a robust visual explainer. If you haven’t viewed this yet we highly recommend it for the educational value it contains.
Read Here

“NuCypher Is Making Waves For Enabling Private Data Transfers” MacLane Wilkison is interviewed by @JulianMJung and @erickpinos
Watch Here

Crypto Unveil published a short interview written interview about values and future plans of NuCypher:
Read Here

NuCypher upcoming events

Global Big Data Conference — Silicon Valley — April 2–4

3rd Annual Blockchain Conference — Silicon Valley — April 17

DataEngConf — San Francisco — April 17–18

Global Disruption Innovation Summit — Silicon Valley — May 1

EDCON — Toronto — May 3–5