Community Update #12 — Back to EU

It was awesome to meet many of you at ETH San Francisco and Web3 Summit, but not to fear, DevCon is right around the corner… and so is…

Community Update #12 — Back to EU

It was awesome to meet many of you at ETH San Francisco and Web3 Summit, but not to fear, DevCon is right around the corner… and so is testnet.

Guten Tag from Berlin! We are back in Europe for homecoming Round #2. Being a distributed team we find tremendous value in getting together and we’re working hard on getting testnet ready while spreading the NuCypher project throughout the European blockchain developer community.

Here is a recap of what we’ve been up to the past few weeks.

From the Blog

User Case Study: Dataeum, Access control for real-world data

Arjun Hassard put together this case study which maps NuCypher capabilities to real-world objectives. If you’ve ever wondered what NuCypher could be used for this is the piece for you. Read it here.

Numerology: Fast ECC arithmetic on-chain

Since there is no native support for curve secp256k1 arithmetic in Solidity, we have developed Numerology, our own Solidity library of arithmetic functions for this curve. Read the post here.

ETH SF — The largest Ethereum Hackathon to date

NuCypher participated this year in ETH San Francisco, the largest Ethereum Hackathon to date. Here are some pics and the NuCypher bounty winners.

Ready for ETH San Francisco!
MacLane presenting NuCypher on the Mainstage
Michael hosting a workshop for the hackers
MacLane presenting Privacy Preserving Techniques for Decentralized Systems
Ryan and Michael with Petr from Team Matter Inc. who won the NuCypher prize with their project “Re-Encrypt Health”.

The winning project, “Re-Encrypt Health”, is interesting as it allows arbitrary EC arithmetics to be used on mobile devices with good speed and without the mess of C/C++ integrations. It will make Umbral’s proxy re-encryption easy to use on mobile devices.

Check it out here.

Several other cool projects hacked on NuCypher tech, including:

  • Py-EVM — An experiment Integrating the NuCypher FHE library as EVM opcodes into the Py-EVM code base.
  • — delivers P2P loans to underserved communities.
  • Search3 — A search that utilizes a decentralized platform to host a pre-trained machine learning model and a social referral system that rewards participants for spreading the search even if they aren’t in the immediate vicinity.

Decentralized Web Meetup — SF Edition

While in San Francisco, NuCypher arranged a meetup with Fluence, Perlin, Quantstamp and Golem. It was a full house and a fun night filled with technical demos and explainers. Thanks, Polychain Capital for hosting us.

Michael explaining NuCypher and the need for decentralized privacy techniques.

New Telegram Channels

Это официальная русскоязычная группа NuCypher. Нажмите ссылку, чтобы присоединиться.​


Other Notable Mentions

Hashing It Out #26: — Michael and tux chat with the Hashing it Out team about NuFHE, our practical fully-homomorphic encryption (FHE) scheme. Listen Here

Tux attending Women For Blockchain hackathon in New York City.
David at PyConES — Malaga, Spain

Upcoming Events

DevCon4 — October 30 to November 2, Prague, Czech Republic

BUIDL Seoul — November 29 -and 30, Seoul, Korea

ETH Singapore (tentative) — December 7 to 9, Singapore

Hyper Ledger Global Forum — December 12 to 15, Basel, Switzerland