Codename KEaNU Update

Codename KEaNU Update

Timeline tldr;

  • Proposal deadline: Friday, April 30, at 9am EST (13:00 UTC)
  • Community Call: Friday, April 30, at 12pm EST (16:00 UTC)
  • Alignment around final proposal: Wednesday, May 5
  • Submission of final proposal for Staker signaling: Monday, May 10

The first on-chain collaboration between two decentralized networks is proceeding apace, with strong community engagement and Staker buy-in. The initial signals by Stakers in both the NuCypher and Keep networks received unanimous support to move forward (NuCypher snapshot | Keep snapshot).

So far, there have been three draft community proposals submitted that describe potential specifics of the collaboration (please read carefully and share your feedback):

A comparison of the three proposals by @ramaruro is shown below.

Comparison of the three proposals

The provisional deadline for additional proposals is Friday, April 30th, at 9am EST (13:00 UTC).

During the community call, the authors of each proposal will have an opportunity to present their approach and receive additional community feedback. The intent of the call is for the community to begin aligning towards one (or a combination of) the proposals as the final candidate.

We recommend the community implement the resulting feedback into a draft final proposal by Wednesday, May 5, with the intent of submitting the final proposal for Staker signaling on Monday, May 10.

We hope this timeline will provide needed clarity for the community and help ensure the process stays on track for a successful and timely implementation, followed by the subsequent launch tBTC v2!