CASI Phase 2 Tasks

CASI Phase 2 Tasks

Whew, congrats on finishing the Phase 1 tasks! You've evolved from a Nuub into a grizzled NuCypherino and are ready for Phase 2 (Advanced Staking & Node Operations), which will last until February 17!

Note: If you struggled with Phase 1, we highly recommend you consider delegating to one of the many experienced staking operators supporting the NuCypher network rather than attempting to run your own mainnet node.


Phase 1 taught you the basics and you should have a node successfully configured and running on the cassandra test network. Now let's try out some of the more complicated staking management commands to get comfortable with the various different staking configuration options and how they interact with each other.

We'll challenge you to maintain a high quality of service and uptime/availability during Phase 2.

Like Phase 1, you'll need to study the Staking Guide and the Ursula Configuration Guide to complete Phase 2.


All tasks refer to your existing stake and Ursula worker node you created during Phase 1.

  1. Turn off restaking. This will stop your future inflation rewards from being automatically added to your stake and allow them to be withdrawn.
  2. Start winding down your stake. This will cause your stake duration to begin decreasing towards zero and will eventually unlock your stake.
  3. Wait at least 3 days/periods… ⏳
  4. Withdraw the staking (NU) and policy (ETH) compensation earned by your Ursula.
  5. Stop your stake from winding down (Hint: the duration should now be less than it was before you completed task 2 above).
  6. Divide your stake in half and extend one of the substakes back to 365 periods (Hint: You should now have two substakes of different durations).
  7. Now, use nucypher stake prolong to extend the shorter substake back to 365 periods (Hint: You should now have two substakes of the same duration).
  8. Emergency! 🚨 Your node has been hacked! 🚨 Detach your current worker and re-attach to a different one.
  9. Maintain at least 90% uptime/availability starting on February 7 (the end of Phase 1) through the end of Phase 2.
  10. At some point after February 7, we will announce a mandatory Ursula upgrade. Successfully upgrade your node without suffering too much downtime.

Need help?

If you need help or have questions, find us in #staking in Discord  (, in our Russian language telegram channel (, or in our Chinese language  WeChat (QR code below).