CASI Phase 1 Tasks

CASI Phase 1 Tasks

Hello, NuCypherinos! The list of tasks for Phase 1 (Core Staking and Node Operations) are below. In this phase, you'll get testnet NU, stake it, spin up an Ursula worker node, and connect to the network.

To successfully complete the tasks, you’ll need to reference the following two guides:

For the staking operations, make sure to use the ETH address you submitted in the supplemental form (if you don't remember the address or need to use a different one, just resubmit the supplemental form). That way, we’ll be able to track and verify whether you successfully completed the task.

If you were previously staking on an earlier, non-incentivized testnet, you’ll need to repeat those steps since we’ve redeployed everything with a new set of smart contracts and testnet tokens (you can re-use your existing Ursula, but you should upgrade it to our latest release and bond it to your new stake).


  1. Retrieve testnet NU from the faucet in Discord
  2. Stake the NU using the defaults (1 year duration, restaking enabled, wind down disabled)
  3. Bond an Ursula worker node to your stake
  4. Keep your node online so that it can respond to policies, WorkOrders, and revocation requests

If you did everything correctly, you should see your node listed as Active on the Network Monitoring Dashboard (

Need help?

If you need help or have questions, find us in #staking in Discord (, in our Russian language telegram channel (, or in our Chinese language WeChat (QR code below).